digital voice recorder south africa

Digital Voice Recorder

Have you ever worried about a business deal going sour? Have you ever worried about the fact that someone can breach a verbal contract or not be true to his promise in business? We live in a world where things like these happen every day. There are dishonest people out there who try to make a living on someone else's expense.

That is why it is so handy to have a digital voice recorder at hand, where all conversations can be recorded, meaning that if a dispute should break out about what was said, the conversation can be retreived and what was really said can be played back so that you can know what was really said.

With our digital voice recorder system, your conversations, whether it be at meetings, on the phone or in the car, can be transfered onto computer or a laptop easily and hassle free. The digital voice recorder software will store your conversation in a database from where you can easily listen to it again if you need to. It also enables you to delete phone conversations.

Every business should have a digital voice recorder. Not only for the safety of transactions and clients, but also for the safety of employees.




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