voice conversation recording
meeting recording system
“I now have original voice recordings of all my conversations with clients, as well as an effective billing tool for my practice.”
G.dB. – Attorney

“We use One-A-Log as a standard voice recording tool with all our interviews with prospective job applicants. This way there is a first hand reference available should there ever be disputes about abilities and skill once we do an appointment”
Y.N. – Manager

“All our meetings are now recorded on notebook to have first hand records for minutes and reference.”
D.N. – Banker

“Recording disciplinary hearings has never been easier.”
D.V. – HR manager

“I saved R 100 000.00 through having recorded a call to the bank that certainly would have ended in an dispute had it not been recorded.”
J.V. – Businessman

“Writing articles for interviews is a breeze because I can refer back to the original conversation on recording.”
N.E. – Journalist

“I feel a lot safer should things go wrong with telephone recommendations on medication now that I do voice recordings of all my telephone conversations onto computer”
P d V. – Pharmacist

“Collecting outstanding debts have suddenly become a lot easier since recording peoples verbal commitments to paying outstanding debts.”
A.O. - Debt Collector

“Finding specific calls are a lot easier with this system than the one we used in the past”
D.M – Stockbroker

“My memory has suddenly been enhanced with turbo power through having voice recordings of conversations.”
D.L – IT specialist – Project Manager.

“I no longer have to find documents referred to in conversations months ago; they are now recorded and available with the click of a mouse.”
W. J. – Sales Executive

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